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Your website is your virtual front door, and the first impression most patients—specifically prospective patients—will get of your practice. Sawyer Eye Center's website offers visitors an excellent experience because they've considered these vital elements:

  • Navigation—it's easy to use with minimal options
  • Clarity—their site is easy to understand and easy for the visually impaired to read
  • Content—they're providing content that's informative, accurate, and engaging
  • Actionable steps—they give patients something to do, watch, or download


Shady Grove Ophthalmology uses Twitter to spark conversations about products & services they offer. In this solution-oriented post, they help their followers self-identify as potential dry eye sufferers. Personalizing it with the doctor's name and the practice phone number makes it easy to reach out for an appointment.  


Some practices start a blog and then struggle to post consistently because they don't have relevant material. VisionPoint Eye Center's blog is a trusted resource for their patients. Some key elements to its success include:

  • avoiding medical jargon and using language that patients understand
  • correcting misconceptions in a non-condescending fashion
  • offering relatable real-life examples 
  • providing social proof of how often the procedure is done to ease fears

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