Rendia's Exam Mode: A 3D Interactive Anatomy Tool
The modern alternative to wall charts

Imagine giving a lecture without Powerpoint. People listen, but their eyes roam.

Patients are the same. 

They’re listening, but they need visuals to lock in what you’re saying to them. With interactive tools, you can bring your old wall charts to life and show anatomical details, disease progression, and treatment options. In the long run, it saves you time and promotes shared decision-making. 

With Exam Mode:

Save time explaining how presbyopia develops, how you can treat astigmatism, or how fluid circulates in the eye. 

Explain your findings visually in order to get buy-in from patients on treatment—improving adherence. 

For non-compliant patients, simulate how corneal neovascularization develops, how high IOP can cause optic nerve cupping, or how uncontrolled diabetes will impact vision. 

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